New Djevel merch added to the store!

Some good news and some not-so-good news today.

Good ones first, the merch line for “Tanker som rir natten” is now up at the official Djevel site/store. Click the “Djevel shop” in the main menu, or click here to see the new merch!

There are new t-shirts, long-sleeve, sweatshirt, tote bag and a hoodie available. All new designs made by Kvitrim

These are limited in production and will be ready for shipping around May 15. If you want them shipped out with a previous order of the new album, get in touch with before purchasing to save on shipping costs.

The not-so-good news is that some formats of the new album are a bit delayed due to the covid-situation in the different factories used for the production of the new album.

We will keep the release date to May 14, but at that date, it will be available on digital formats and on standard CD.
The deluxe CDs are delayed until mid-June, and the vinyls until June as well, in the worst scenario July if things do not improve at all. We will keep you posted on the development.

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